Helping you to realise your goals

We understand that not all business challenges fit neatly into boxes, so our approach to solving them is often fluid - harnessing the strengths from different methodologies to deliver the right programme for you and your team, in a confidential, supportive environment.

The categories listed below are simply the core areas of support we can offer you and your teams, whether it’s facilitating a two-hour meeting or rolling out a two-year coaching programme, our outcome-focused approach means we always deliver a solution that is bespoke to your organisation’s particular strengths, challenges, culture and objectives.

Teams can experience many changes in their delivery performance, from key members arriving or leaving, conflicting personalities, or unrealistic, changing goals or demands.

These factors can often prevent a team from performing at its best. Bringing in Change Advantage to facilitate can help to unlock that team from self-limitations (and those of others!), enabling them to perform more effectively.

Delivering results and enhancing performance are key outcomes of the sessions we facilitate for both strategic and operational teams. Some areas where we act as facilitators include:

  • Away-days and retreats.
  • Executive board meetings.
  • Team awareness and development workshops.
  • Frameworks integration for delivering large capital programmes.
  • Business planning workshops.
  • Staff engagement meetings.
  • Cross-team building events.

Like professional sports teams, organisational teams also achieve greater success when working together towards a common goal. Team coaching for operational delivery teams focuses on team development, taking responsibility for communication, and designing strategies to proactively and creatively handle the everyday obstacles to success.

We challenge, inspire and strengthen leadership teams by designing bespoke coaching programmes that cover:

  • Collaboration across organisational boundaries.
  • Internal relationship tensions or breakdowns between team members.
  • Handling conflicting issues and solving paradoxes.
  • Letting go of operational details and enabling greater accountability.
  • Preparing key individuals for the next role, while delivering in the current role.
  • Motivating an already successful team for the next peak.
  • Creating space to understand their core purpose.
  • Vision, mission and values.
  • Succession planning and growth, as well as legacy, transition and exit strategies within their teams.

Some people feel unable to perform at their best, either because of self-imposed limitations or because of the constraints of their working environment. By helping individuals to draw from their experience and values, and by developing new strategies to overcome obstacles, we often see profound changes in their perception of themselves and their ability to reach their goals.

We coach senior or key team members individually, and we support people towards realising their full potential through one-to-one coaching in:

  • Creating space to understand their core purpose.
  • Reaching and maintaining peak performance.
  • Developing leadership skills.
  • Handling environmental and organisational change.
  • Career development and preparing individuals for their next role.

We are often asked to participate in advisory panels, committees or learning groups. Our knowledge and insight into change, people, culture, and the wider industry can be invaluable in steering the course for institutions.

Where an organisation is involved with implementing change internally or perhaps influencing external stakeholders, our expertise in communication, engagement and people development can facilitate the outcome.