Understanding your challenges

Our clients include executive leadership teams, project teams, and planning and delivery teams across sectors, in the UK and internationally. Our principal aim is to awaken individuals to their own potential and facilitate successful collaboration at times of low performance or during organisational change.

Our knowledge and processes can be applied across all industries. We have particular on-going experience in construction, engineering and architecture, water, environment and local government sectors. Since 2001 we have also been successfully engaged with clients in retail, legal, financial services, pharmaceutical and healthcare, education and museum sectors.

Using the most appropriate facilitation and coaching mix for your business, your employees and your goals, we devise programmes that will engage and inspire you through every stage, be it 2 hours or 2 years, to get you to where you want to be.

We engaged closely with service providers and end users to establish the key outcomes that would make a difference for our client. We then designed and facilitated a tailor made programme of integrated delivery workshops in which stakeholders participated in the planning and development of the sessions.

As the quality of trust in their relationships developed, we trained cross-team players to co-facilitate the workshops, supporting them with one to one coaching to grow their confidence and further release their potential.

Our exit strategy from that programme was then developed with a newly, fully integrated client team, enabling them to own the programme, sustain its development and most importantly, measure its benefits on its customer focused projects (Prize winning, exemplar projects!).

Key facts

  • Client sector: Environment, engineering & construction.
  • Annual budget: £500m.
  • Staff: 13,000.
  • Scope of engagement: Programme of integrating outsourced supplier frameworks with client and Government targets; Project workshops for £10m-£30m schemes; culture change and collaborative working programmes.
  • Client results:
    • Successful integration of 3 rounds of 4-year frameworks.
    • Several award-winning projects.
    • Delivery of efficiency programmes across different directorates.

Initially brought in to facilitate a business strategy retreat in the Middle East and coach their leadership teams, this influential organisation asked us back to support the business further, through one-to-one coaching with senior executives and rising stars.

Now in our third year of working with this client, and through the integrity and quality in our relationships, we were able to develop a willingness to address a cultural transformation amongst the key players that has enabled diversification in business development.

The planned outcomes for this year include speedier and integrated decision-making, deeper distribution of accountabilities, a culture of delivering excellence, and a succession plan in place to deliver the strategy.

Key facts

  • Client sector: Engineering & Architectural Consultancy, Middle East and North Africa Region.
  • Annual turnover: £50m.
  • Staff: 550.
  • Scope of engagement: Strategy development; leadership coaching; talent development.
  • Client results:
    • Successful deployment of regional expansion strategy.
    • Leaders engaged in personal performance coaching programme.
    • Structure change in place. Succession plan development.
    • Rising stars forums established and self-sustaining.

We had an initial meeting to describe the nature of a coaching relationship, understand the client’s goals and commitment to a programme of work together and draw out some clear outcomes.

As the sessions progressed, the client profoundly understood the core reason that prompted the request for coaching, the abundance of options available for career development, and an inner strength that brings out the best in the client and the people they interact with, having more than achieved the outcomes.

As a result this individual has gained glowing feedback from colleagues, friends and family and is “operating at another level completely!”.

Key facts

  • Company sector: Construction and commercial development.
  • Company annual turnover: £1-2bn.
  • Company staff: 1500-2000.
  • Client’ project value: £35m.
  • Core project staff: 30-40.
  • Scope of engagement: Project team facilitation; coaching key leaders; strategy coaching and facilitation with the company’s business unit teams.
  • Client results:
    • Successful project delivery to time, budget and quality.
    • Developed a coaching style to grow own teams.
    • Enhanced effectiveness in client’s own CRM.

Over 80% of our clients are those we’ve worked with before. They come back to us year after year, because they appreciate our integrity, our energy, and of course, the results we help them to achieve. Our clients say they like how we ‘get’ their business – they don’t need to keep explaining all the quirks and challenges. We just get straight down to helping get them on track to realise their goals.