Connecting People through Integrity and Purpose.


Founded in 2000, Aamir and Saima support you and your teams, wherever they are in the world, to be more efficient and effective.

Bringing out the best in your teams

By drawing out key drivers and core potential to succeed, we inspire individuals and teams towards a path of successful collaboration.

Award-winning, global clients

We have UK and global clients across a range of business sectors. We work with their leadership and project teams, bidding and delivery teams.

How we deliver for our clients

Bringing clarity & focus through your drivers for success

The majority of our work operates under Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) either due to our clients being in confidential competition or in security sensitive schemes – so you’ll see no client logos here, only the impact of our work with them.

Our Client Solutions

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Bid team preparation

Beyond winning the bid

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Delivering quality in outcomes

Differentiated service and assurance

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Facilitating integrated, collaborative projects

Delivering as one team

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Facilitating reset of stakeholder relationships

Aligning stakeholders

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Coaching and mentoring leaders

Growing resilience and succession

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In-house coach training

Developing coach-like leadership

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Driven by purpose, passion and integrity

Based in Oxford, Change Advantage was founded in 2000, standing for the limitless potential in individuals, teams and organisations.


Drawing on years of valued practical experience of leading and developing teams in industry and applying our unique mix of intuition, energy and humour, we aim to bring out the best in every person we work with.


Together, we are driven by a passion to see individuals and teams perform to their fullest potential and use their own insights to facilitate change. It is our boundless dedication to helping you achieve your goals that means our clients continue to seek us out to work with – year after year, team after team, project after project.