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Aamir Ahmed


Co-Founding Director

Aamir Ahmed

Aamir has business experience spanning nearly 40 years, including 19 years in senior roles as a Civil Engineer, Director of Innovation and leading in-house culture and strategic change programmes. MBA studies at Henley Management College, The School of Coaching programme and, more recently, attending modules in NLP at International Training Seminars, London. Training in Neuroscience and Mindfulness enable him to combine advances in new learning with pragmatic business management.


Over the last 20 years, Aamir has inspired a multitude of retreats, seminars, workshops and business meetings with his highly celebrated skills of holding the interest and intensity of groups with excitement and fun. Operating with a distinctive speed in capturing insights to his clients’ requirements, he engages CEOs, senior leaders and teams with passion, precision and presence!

Saima Butt


Co-Founding Director

For Saima, coaching and societal progress are inextricably linked. Her purpose is to connect people with the abundance of their potential. She holds a vision for humanity in which people come together to create a place for all to thrive. Individuals are drawn by her passion in applying strategic thinking and intuitive awareness in delivering focused outcomes for their business success.


Saima gained corporate experience in the pharma industry, completed an MBA and is a certified Master Trainer and ICF Master Certified Coach. She is highly regarded as a natural in coaching executives and their leadership teams with a focus on their business outcomes, bringing to her work the highest standards of professional, masterful coaching. Clients invariably feedback on the joy of working with Saima

Our Contribution

Actively contributing: some ways in which we give back.

Pro bono provision of our services has always been part of how we add social value for our communities.


Increasingly over the last 10 years Saima has served on Committees and Boards as a trusted presence in response to how pro bono coaching can be of service to promoting equity and social change globally. She regularly speaks at coaching communities internationally and continues to inspire the next generation of coaches to be in service of humanity and our planet.


In response to Covid-19, we provided pro bono coaching for those engaged in the frontline key worker response with Saima delivering a series of sessions, some of which were under the Coaching for Covid programme for the NHS.


Change Advantage has always made space to support individuals who sometimes find themselves in circumstances unable to respond to life crises and limited in the resources at their disposal.  By their very nature, these situations are highly sensitive, confidential and outside of a corporate context; non-disclosure here is an imperative.


Our commitment to transform industry and societal progress for sustainable growth is core to our purpose and therefore goes beyond our business portfolio, it informs all our paid and volunteering work.

Our Reach

We can access coaches, facilitators & trainers globally to support your people.

Delivering our brand quality consistently matters both to us and our clients; for us it’s always about operating true to purpose, for our clients it’s about seamlessly matching those requirements that drive them to choose Change Advantage.


Through the coverage of our network of coaches and trainers we share in alliances that support us in delivering our programmes with you, virtually and in-person. Having this array of highly skilled and accomplished individuals is borne out of our connections cultivated over many years with international coaching and training communities. Each time you seek our support, we commit Aamir or Saima to be accountable for our delivery to the values, approach and engagement you expect from us.


If you would like to learn more about us and how we can help you and your team unlock your full potential, contact us.



Driven by purpose, passion and integrity

Based in Oxford, Change Advantage was founded in 2000, standing for the limitless potential in individuals, teams and organisations.

Drawing on years of valued practical experience of leading and developing teams in industry and applying our unique mix of intuition, energy and humour, we aim to bring out the best in every person we work with.


Together, we are driven by a passion to see individuals and teams perform to their fullest potential and use their own insights to facilitate change. It is our boundless dedication to helping you achieve your goals that means our clients continue to seek us out to work with – year after year, team after team, project after project.

Client feedback

It was another well-presented and productive workshop…. As ever, it’s always good and a pleasure to be in your company and I genuinely look forward to working with you again.
Project Manager

Government Sector

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