Bid Team Preparation

Globally reaching multidisciplinary consultancies engage us repeatedly in supporting their strategic teams for opportunities in sectors such as nuclear new build, water utilities, environment, flood and coastal risk management.


“Everyone who attended your sessions benefited far beyond their success at the bid interviews. They are using these skills for the wider business and with other accounts. For many of them the transformation has been life changing beyond them at work; and they keep applying the benefits they learned, months and years after your intervention”.


What the client asked for:

To prepare leadership and delivery teams for success at interviews, behavioural assessments and dialogue meetings during a competitive tender process. For their people to feel equipped to succeed for themselves, their business and the bid.

What we delivered:

With integrity and confidentiality, we worked closely with the client to identify best fit resources, training and mentoring of multiple teams for successful delivery in a multi-regional bid response, facilitation of bid strategy meetings, and one-to-one coaching for potential and performance realisation. The teams we prepare have consistently been higher performing in quantitative and qualitative feedback on their bids.