Coaching and Mentoring Leaders

The CEO of a public-sector body, seeking to develop leadership succession whilst delivering on the current operational business plan and generating the next cycle of strategic planning. We were invited to coach, facilitate and mentor the CEO and Directorates.


This intervention, both in terms of its content and approach was described by the CEO as being exactly what was needed to drive change, sustain challenge and promote different and innovative ways of working for the organisation and its people. Team members welcomed the opportunity to work cross-functionally, exchanging perspectives and sharing solutions across their Directorates, leading to different ways of exploring old problems and arriving at novel solutions.


What the client asked for:

An organisational development programme to raise awareness amongst Directors of their strategic responsibilities and Managers of their operational accountabilities. An opportunity to impact the quality of services delivered to stakeholders and generate innovative approaches to inward investment.

What we delivered:

We worked closely with the CEO through the stages of engagement with senior colleagues to create alignment around their shared purpose, values and actions. In collaboration with our sponsor, we delivered flexibility within the programme to accommodate variability amongst individuals’ capacity for change and challenge to their set paradigms and ways of working. Our experience across a range of culture change programmes over many years in similar contexts enabled us to intervene with sensitivity and clarity in both our coaching support and mentoring advice.