Delivering quality in outcomes

A national privately-owned construction group seeking to differentiate its service to customers whilst ensuring it delivers safely, efficiently and to a quality standard free of defects. We were sought out by this client and its customers to facilitate and coach their project team workshops for successive schemes.


“The entire process is inspirational. Everyone genuinely understands what is needed to deliver this job and some very direct, open conversations have taken place that can now be continued during our formal project business meetings. We need to run these sessions regularly to challenge ourselves and hold true to our commitments.”


What the client wanted:

To engage the various stakeholders such as project client advisors and consultants, specialist designers, fabricators and trades to participate in facilitated workshops and generate outcomes in compliance with internal processes of quality management and assurance.

What we delivered:

Through active dialogue with principal stakeholders ahead of these sessions we consistently achieve high attendance from the entire integrated team, full interaction and participation from all attendees, identification of practical and actionable next steps based on shared experience, learning and foresight of the workshop attendees, a keen and clear agreement from participants to continue engagement with the process adopted by this award-winning major contractor.