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Accredited Coach Training Programme:

A Pathway towards your Certification

Become a certified coach evoking coaching presence to support tomorrow’s leadership of people, places and the planet

The ICF Accredited Coach Training Programme (ACTP) is widely becoming the gold standard for professional coach training around the world. By completing this programme at Change Advantage, you will have given yourself the opportunity to be a credentialed coach with the ICF and therefore raise your professional standing as a coach for you and your business.

Our purpose for this programme is to

  • Inspire trust to be open to boundless possibilities in their conversations for transformational change.
  • Connect individuals to their most resourceful and successful self in serving their clients, organisations, communities and our planet.
  • Provide a safe learning space to feel a sense of self, flourish and impact social justice.

Your outcomes from this programme include

  • Being in dialogue to coach clarity and focus towards people’s goals and results.
  • Supporting others through difficult decisions.
  • Having a coaching mindset and presence to understand, stretch and challenge people.
  • Creating choice and transcending old behaviours.
  • Asking powerful questions that enable a turnaround in business outcomes.
  • Building your own capacity to establish yourself as a professional coach.

You will be receiving coach training directly from an experienced coach actively working with business leaders across a range of industries globally.

Course Overview

  • Offers an “all inclusive” 147 hours spread over twelve (12) months, designed as a complete pathway towards the Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC) certification from the ICF
  • The virtual and in-person modular training welcomes internal and external coaches, HR, executives, directors, leaders and managers
  • Completing the full 147 hours of training, assignments with active participation in all aspects of the programme AND successfully and consistently passing coaching observations and assessments will gain you a certificate from Change Advantage acknowledging your ICF ACTP completion.
  • Successful participants with this Change Advantage certificate then move on to acquiring 500+ hours of coaching experience enabling them to apply for their PCC with the ICF

Entry requirements

To gain the most from this programme, you will be:

  • A life-long learner willing to learn, unlearn and re-learn
  • Preferably able to show a minimum of 3 years working experience
  • Accepting of feedback and willing to speak the truth when giving feedback of yourself, trainers, and co-learners

  • Available and present to fully participate in all aspects of the programme
  • Wanting to be in service of humanity and the planet
  • In possession of the patience and conviction to develop and deepen awareness of self

We’re committed to developing the next generation of coaches, whether independent coaches or employees sponsored by their organisations. If you would like to offer Coach Training in-house or as an addition to your existing range of public courses, contact us about how we can develop a course structure that suits you.


We acknowledge Jan Elfline for giving us permission to adapt her original program. Programme Director Saima is an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC), a Certified Mentor Coach (CMC) and a member of the Association of Coach Training Organisations

Programme Structure

The coach training will be an experiential practice and lean upon the ICF Core Competencies as a guide throughout the programme. Emphasis will be on developing clarity for you as an individual, your cultural identity, vision, values, beliefs and behaviours to serve as an ethical and professional coach.


This programme is designed with you in mind and features synchronous coach training, demonstrations, coaching practice, observations, verbal and written feedback, group and individual mentor coaching, asynchronous assignments, case studies and coaching practice culminating with a final assessment.



147 hours delivered across a year. The Synchronous Learning (SL) aspect of the programme will be delivered virtually and in-person. Throughout the programme there will also be Asynchronous Learning (AL). See this as homework away from the ‘training room’ and will include reading, writing, videos, case study assignments and co-coaching practice and recording and transcriptions for mentor coaching.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic scheduling for the in-person module will be considered with everyone’s health, safety, and wellbeing in mind. As such please note that there may be some flexibility to our current scheduling if government rulings override our intentions to meet in-person.

Course Content

Module 1: Co-Creating the Partnership

Establishing who we are and how we show up. Understanding our cultural identity and what matters most to us. Developing sustainable working relationships, contracting, and coaching agreements. Sharing our learning styles and distinguishing and defining coaching from other talking therapies.


Co-creating an ethical and professional standard driven approach from which to introduce the ICF coaching core competencies and their value when interacting with clients.

Module 2: Patterns in Coaching

Drawing from neuroscience for how patterns and programmes drive our behaviours.


To actively listen for how others make choices and decisions.


What empowers you, as the coach, to actively listen, maintaining presence and manage your emotions.


Seeing yourself from different perspectives generates a richer picture of who you can be and what for.


Raising your client’s awareness to these levels engages in a profound trust and intimacy in the coaching relationship that can elicit powerful change.

Module 3: Shared Values

Developing creative flexibility. Generating authentic alignment. Exploring our values of how we see ourselves and others. Enabling curios, evoking direct questions of what you really want and putting that in the context of others. Using metaphor and playfulness.


Through identifying values and beliefs, we create a new world of possibilities in how to enable your client to move forward, developing empowering habits that serve them for now and the future.

Module 4: Identity & Purposeful Practice

Creating awareness of the nuances of how your mind and body can work together. Generating congruence with who you are. Being able to hold this space for you firstly, then of course for your clients, opens an abundance of possibilities leading to results.


Impact of coaching on humanity and the planet. Building a coaching practice. Integrating the learning, knowing how to measure, manage and master your own performance

Module 5: Group Mentor Coaching (GMC)

ICF Mentor Coaching definition: “a student being coached on their coaching skills rather than on practice building, life balance or other topics unrelated to the development of a student’s coaching skill. Mentoring is intended to serve as a development process for the student that takes place in a repetitive cycle of receiving feedback regarding student coaching, reflecting on this feedback, and practising new skills. The focus must be on the development of skills using the ICF Core Competencies”- coachingfederation.org


In our eight GMC sessions we will focus on each ICF Core Competency in detail together, discuss what is working and what stands out for you, practice and observe coaching with co-learners synchronously. Each participant will have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the competencies in the moment receiving verbal and then written feedback from their Mentor Coach/Trainer.

Module 6: Individual Mentor Coaching (1:1 MC)

Congratulations for getting to this point in the training. You are now at the stage of sharpening your coaching skills in One-to-One Mentor Coaching discussion with your trainer. These will consist of you pre-preparing a minimum of three coaching sessions having coached any client, fellow participant, or any other person, shared an MPG4 audio or Zoom recording with accompanying transcript. Each coach recording must be a minimum of 20 minutes and maximum of 60 minutes.

Final Performance Evaluation

ACTP programmes must administer a final performance evaluation in a formal testing environment. The final performance evaluation must, at a minimum, contain an observation of coaching a least one half-hour (30 minutes) in length which is graded as a final performance evaluation – coachingfederation.org


The participants are invited to a final evaluation after having actively exhibited consistent growth and development. This final evaluation would need to demonstrate coaching at beginner PCC level to pass to the standards set by the ICF.


Throughout the training participants will receive written feedback from their observed coaching sessions. These observations are based on how effectively the ICF Core Competencies are being demonstrated during their coaching. For an ACTP that will mean a minimum of six observed coaching sessions per participant with written feedback for at least four of those six sessions.


The above programme content is an example of what is available during the training. We reserve the right to change the order &/or structure to facilitate the best learning experience of all the participants and your learning styles.

Payments & Policies


Please contact us for fees.

Fees include: Participation in the programme, training materials, ACTP certificate according to your attendance.

Fees exclude: Travel, accommodation and meals, application to ICF for credentialing certificate.

Payments are accepted in full or in instalments for ease of payment through these means:


Refunds & Cancellation BEFORE the coach training starts

Change Advantage reserve the right to cancel the programme or change the dates of delivering the programme for circumstances beyond their control. A full refund of all payments will be paid in full if training is cancelled by us.


Your registration is final and confirmed when you submit your application form and transfer your fee (full fee or instalments according to the agreed payment method).


Your cancellation of the Coach Training Programme is only valid if submitted in writing to info@change-advatage.com. In case of you cancelling, we will charge the following cancellation fees depending on the day of notification:


You may, of course, give your place to someone else without a cancellation charge subject to them attending the whole programme

Refunds and Cancellation AFTER the coach training has started

Your success and satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. If something does not feel right once the training has started and you have questions or concerns about the ACTP we are hosting, please contact us in the first instance at info@change-advantage.com. We will discuss what is not working for you and try to remedy it.


Change Advantage adheres to the ethics and standards set by the ICF for the accredited coach training programme it is delivering. On this basis we apply the following guidelines for a request of a refund (payments include full or pro-rata instalment payments) made after a programme has started:


If at any point within the first 2 days of Module 1 your final decision is to leave the training our refund policy is that you let us know in writing (via email) within those first 2 days of the training starting, return all materials within 3 days of the training starting and you will be eligible for a full refund minus admin fees. Please see the Transfer of Credit for further details.

Complaints / Grievance Policy

It is our every intent to uphold and honour the ICF Code of Conduct. If at any point you feel that there is a cause for complaint, we request that you review the ICF Code of Conduct and raise the issue with us in the first instance verbally and informally. On both parties agreeing that there is good cause for a complaint we shall endeavor to change that which is causing concern within 10 days. The Code of Conduct can be downloaded from here.


If the issue persists, send us your complaint in writing via email identifying the details and we will do our very best to resolve the matter within 10 days. 


After this point, and after no satisfactory resolution, you are within your rights as an individual affiliated with the ICF to lodge your complaint directly with the ICF through the Accreditation Complaints Process. The process can be found here on the ICF website.

Partial Completion of Training

If for reasons beyond our control, (relating to family, personal or professional) you are unable to complete the programme as scheduled we request that you email us. You would be welcome to join the next cohort of training for the hours/sessions/modules missed.


If you decide upon not competing the training beyond the first few days and inform us of your intention via email, we will refund your monies less an admin fee pro-rata to the date of the email for your time in the training. We request that you return all materials within 3-days of your email.


If it is deemed necessary to request your departure from the training for inappropriate behaviour towards any trainers, sponsors, participants, facilitators or visitors we shall firstly discuss this matter with you informally. If the inappropriate behaviour persists, we shall issue an official verbal warning and finally a written warning via email for your removal from the training. This email will be accompanied by a refund of your monies less an admin fee and pro-rata to the date of our email. Please see our Transfer of Credit for further details. 


Inappropriate behavious include, and not limited to, any physical or verbal acts inconsistent with our values such as violence, aggression, oppression, injustice to another.

Illness Policy

The wellbeing of every member of the training programme is paramount. If at any stage it becomes clear that you are unwell every effort will be made to accommodate you within the training programme. If you are unable to complete the training, beyond your recovery we will welcome you as part our next cohort of the programme to make up the hours/sessions/modules missed. In the unfortunate event that you are unable to return to training you shall be eligible for a refund pro-rata to your time spent in the training. Please see the Transfer of Credit for further details.

Transfer of Credit

Should you decide to terminate your engagement in the training and have fully complied with our Refund and or Cancellation Policy or you are unable to complete the training for reasons stated above your monies, less administration fees of £500 will be credited into the same account from which it originated. Please allow a maximum of 10-days for the banking transaction to be completed. 


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Feedback from

previous participants

Saima is an amazing coach and it’s truly been a great experience working with her. With real presence… she demonstrates profound, sensitive listening and inspiring energy as well as keeping the rigorous ethical rules.
Your work is transformational, insightful, and results-oriented, and the high-touch client experience you provided me, takes the coaching experience to new heights.
Saima built a place of open dialogue and elegantly demonstrated the use of effective coaching tools.
When energy, knowledge and people simply ‘meet’.
In addition to the shared models, skills and strategies, I got the most from Saima’s demonstration of presence, lightness, flexibility, clear language and authentic state.
Great questions and amazing intuition and reading of the ‘virtual’ room.
Supportive, challenging and inspirational.
The whole mentor coaching process experience with Saima was most important for me to explore new dimensions of coaching and gave me the opportunity to boldly explore and overcome my own limitations in my coaching practice. I have grown as a coach on our joint path.
One of the UK’s top coaches… An outstanding MCC Coach who acts as a powerful catalyst to skilfully draw insights and actions from those she supports and stretches.
Saima’s work has: “precision, professionalism & passion”

MCC Peer Review

Lead Trainer

Saima Butt

For Saima, coaching and societal progress are inextricably linked. Her purpose is to connect people with the abundance of their potential. She holds a vision for humanity in which people come together to create a place for all to thrive. Individuals are drawn by her passion in applying strategic thinking and intuitive awareness in delivering focused outcomes for their business success.


Saima gained corporate experience in the pharma industry, completed an MBA and is a certified Master Trainer and ICF Master Certified Coach. She is highly regarded as a natural in coaching executives and their leadership teams with a focus on their business outcomes, bringing to her work the highest standards of professional, masterful coaching. Clients invariably feedback on the joy of working with Saima

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